Meet Issy the she-donkey, Mary’s beloved companion. Meet Mary of Nazareth, capable and trusting in the Most High despite a family that sometimes makes her life difficult. Meet fiery angels and a just young man named Joe who finds himself dropped in the most extraordinary of circumstances requiring all the faith he has.


St.Is presents time-honored characters in all their humanness, a donkey that represents us all, our wanderings and our ponderings, and invites us to watch in wonder the workings of a God who transcends time and meets us all in the form of a baby born in Bethlehem.


“St.Is tells the story of Jesus' birth from the unique perspective of Issy, Mary’s delightful and loyal donkey. Told with delight and whimsy, St.Is is Biblical truth wrapped in narrative brilliance. The first of a series of books, St.Is will stir your imagination and whet your appetite for more.”


~ Bryce Ashlin-Mayo, Lead Pastor of Westlife Church and author of Digital Mission: A Practical Guide for Ministry Online.

For Dr. Leonard Sweet and Lisa Samson’s ST.IS, we translated the first book of the series  into Portuguese and Spanish. As soon as they are published in those languages, they will be featured here.

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