Who We Are


Caring. Creative. Visionary. Driven.

Sandra Alex

Founder of Livre Press, Inc. Writer, translator, videographer, video editor and music composer. Undergraduate certificate in Hebrew and Greek.

Vera Kingkade

Music composer, arranger and producer. Translator and audio editor. Masters in Music Composition and Didactics.

What We Do


We work with publications, by translating, e-publishing, audio book production, we distribute content through some of the major companies: Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


What We Sell


eBooks, eZines, AudioBooks, and Services


What Services We Provide


We are a full video and audio studio with outlets in Brasil and Mexico.

We do translations, as well as Audible.com-quality audiobook narration in English, Portuguese and Spanish. A more comprehensive view of our services is found under Services.

Travis Day

XCode  Developer  for Apple publications and apps—Apple TV Living Health TV, and iPhone/iPad Living Health Magazine. BS in Computer Sciences.

Jeremiah Gruenberg

English AudioBook narrator and audio producer, Singer and music composer. Ph.D. in  Theology.

Madeline Wright

Lead Photographer. Bachelors in Graphic Arts and Photography.

Gabriela Mayrinck

BA in Publicity, Advertising and Applied Communication. Content Strategy. Brand Publishing. Permission Marketing. Copy and Text Revision.

Veruschka Wanderley

Account Manager for LIVING HEALTH

Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Italian and some Hebrew..

Janneth Saavedra

Masters in Divinity and Linguistics, Spanish Translator and interpreter.

Steve Ebdon

Designer and Illustrator.

Juan Roberto Castillo

Audio Producer in ProTools, and Spanish Narrator.

Chico Donghia

Portuguese voice-Over Talent, Musician, Composer. Performer. Photographer. BS in Journalism.

Anastasia Johnson

Voice-Over Talent, Singer, Marketing Coordinator.

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